2147 - U.S.A. - HUNTINGDON-PENNSYLVANIA - Unraveled: Paintings by Afarin Rahmanifar - 16.04.2015-12.09.2015


Born in Tehran, Iran, Afarin Rahmanifar has emerged as one of the leading Persian painters working today. Her artistic vision originates, she says, “at the intersecting points of eastern and western culture.” She understands her journey toward her present identity as an American Iranian woman through these concepts: “Separation”…from what one has been a part of. “Belonging”…to that which is different. “Appearing,” then “disappearing,” then “reappearing” again. Rahmanifar strives to show the body as a vessel, moving through this Journey, taking in new experiences for the mind to process. The intellectual and emotional parts of the self are changed through the act of Separation; the changed self belongs both to the past and to the present. In her work, Rahmanifar says, she creates “ideal feminine figures or spaces,” portraying the Feminine as desiring not just beauty, poetry and seduction, but also desiring, as does the artist herself, to tell her personal stories, which have shaped her life as a woman. Rahmanifar’s paintings, lyrical and mystical, intricate and exquisitely beautiful, are informed, too, by the great mystical Sufi poet Rumi, of Persian literature. Her work has been widely collected and exhibited across the United States and internationally at venues including Columbia University, University of California at Berkeley, and Yale University. She has an upcoming show at the Kala Art Institute Academy in Panaji, Goa, India in 2015.

JCMA Museum of Art - Unraveled: Paintings by Afarin Rahmanifar - 16.04.2015 - 12.09.2015

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