U.S.A. - BOISE-IDAHO - The Perfect Fit: Shoes Tell Stories

Inspiring, vibrant and fun, this exhibition explores the meanings of shoes, presenting 120 playful, imaginative and provocative objects. Shoes speak to style, fashion and individuality, yet they also tell stories, expressing more than their role as footwear. Shoes reflect the time and place of their creation, providing unique insights into human history and identity. The 100 contemporary artists whose shoe-inspired artworks are presented in The Perfect Fit are motivated by these themes, creating objects of wit, whimsy and visual pizzazz

The Perfect Fit: Shoes Tell Stories was organized by
the Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, Massachusetts.

Boise Art Museum  01.05.2011 - 31.07.2011

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U.S.A - BIRMINGHAM-ALABAMA - Faces of India : sculptures from the Callahan Collection

The Birmingham Museum of Art present the first showing of Indian sculpture from the collection of the Callahan family. Over twenty sculptures in stone and bronze depict a variety of Hindu and Buddhist deities that date from the second through the eighteenth centuries. These include a rare third century image of Hariti, the Buddhist protector of children, to an elegant sixteenth century image of The Dancing Shiva (Shiva Nataraja). The Callahan family collection shows the great diversity of Indian iconography and the brilliance of Indian craftsmen.

       Birmingham Museum of Art     12.06.2011 - 02.10.2011

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U.S.A. - AUSTIN-TEXAS - Good Design: Stories by Herman Miller

Good Design: Stories by Herman Miller explores the collaborative problem-solving design process employed at the world-renowned and West Michigan-based furniture company, Herman Miller, Inc. This exhibit uses drawings, models, prototypes, photographs, oral histories, and original designed objects to showcase the creation and evolution of many masterpieces of 20th and 21st century design by such artists as Gilbert Rohde, Ray & Charles Eames, George Nelson, Alexander Girard, Robert Propst, Steve Frykholm, Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, and others.

Based in tiny Zeeland, Michigan, the company gave the world some of the most iconic objects of the century: Charles and Ray Eames’s molded plywood Lounge Chair, George Nelson’s Marshmallow Sofa and Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick’s Aeron Chair. Those works – and dozens of others – are at the heart of this exhibit. For these legendary designers, it wasn’t enough for furniture to be beautiful. It had to be practical. It had to make the workplace a better place.

Austin Museum of Art     04.06.2011 - 11.09.2011

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U.S.A. - ATHENS-GEORGIA - The Art of Disegno: Italian Prints and Drawings from the Georgia Museum of Art

"The Art of Disegno: Italian Prints and Drawings from the Georgia Museum of Art" will be on view at the Georgia Museum of Art from May 14 to Aug. 7. The exhibition features 53 works on paper produced in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

Guest curators Babette Bohn, professor of art history at Texas Christian University, and Robert Randolf Coleman, associate professor of art history at the University of Notre Dame, chose these prints and drawings from the collections of GMOA and Giuliano Ceseri because they provide rare insight into the training, working habits and creative process of artists. For Italian artists of this era, the art of drawing was regarded as an intellectual as well as a practical activity, and the images found in this exhibition, according to Bohn and Coleman, represent examples of the most fertile and inspired artistic creations found on paper during this period.

“Beginning in the 14th century and increasing in the following centuries, as paper became more widely available, drawings became critical tools of the design process for artists,” said Bohn.

Drawings also enjoyed a close relationship with prints during this period. For example, Coleman’s entry on Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s prints in the accompanying exhibition catalogue discusses how they reveal a fantastical and visionary imagination. Piranesi’s works create an aura of mystery, not only because of the dramatic chiaroscuro, but also because of disappearing staircases, leaning ladders to nowhere and architectural elements that appear to have no real function.

“Prints enabled artists to replicate the designs created in drawings through a technology that provided the possibility of creating multiple works of art and facilitated the spread of the artists’ reputation around the world,” said Bohn.

The exhibition includes prints by Italian printmakers such as Parmigianino and Marcantonio Raimondi, and examples by figures such as Pietro Testa and Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione.

The in-house curator for this exhibition is Lynn Boland, GMOA’s Pierre Daura Curator of European Art.

Georgia Museum of Art     14.05.2011 - 07.08.2011

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U.S.A. - ASPEN-COLORADO - The Anxiety of Photography

Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Madeline, 2009. Courtesy of Thom Collins and Matthew Goodrich.

The Anxiety of Photography artist Mario Garcia Torres discusses his work and the important role photographic processes play in his practice.

Photography can be thought of as a medium, a tool, an object, a practice, or, more often than not, some combination thereof. Through approximately 40 works, some of them created for the exhibition and some shown for the first time, The Anxiety of Photography examines the growing number of artists who embrace photography’s plasticity and ability to exist, sometimes uneasily, in multiple contexts.

The fluidity of photography as a medium can produce fundamental anxieties for both artist and viewer. The pervasive use of photography within conceptual art practices of the 1960s—and a generation later by artists of the so-called pictures generation—effectively ended the debate about photography’s status as art. However, the status of the medium itself remains unresolved. Many of the works in this exhibition reflect powerfully on the changing nature of our relationship to the materiality of images, as artists produce photographic prints from hand-painted negatives, violently collide framed pictures, arrange photographs and objects in uncanny still lives, or otherwise destabilize the photographic object.

Many of the artists included in The Anxiety of Photography—some of whom self-identify as photographers, others for whom photography is central to their work—employ an expanded collage aesthetic and have fully digested notions of appropriation. Throughout the exhibition, both the “objecthood” and connectedness of images is felt strongly, whether expressed in front of the camera or in the presentation of the work itself. These investigations of the medium are furthered by a pervasive reinvestment in studio practice and an interweaving of personal content within the work.

The Anxiety of Photography includes work by Colby Bird, Miriam Böhm, Liz Deschenes, Roe Ethridge, Brendan Fowler, Mario Garcia Torres, Leslie Hewitt, Matt Keegan, Annette Kelm, Elad Lassry, Anthony Pearson, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Matt Saunders, David Benjamin Sherry, Erin Shirreff, Dirk Stewen, Sara VanDerBeek, and Mark Wyse. On the occasion of the exhibition, an extensively illustrated catalogue will be produced, featuring newly commissioned contributions by Anne Ellegood, senior curator at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, and Jenelle Porter, senior curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston.

Aspen Art Museum     13.05.2011 - 17.07.2011

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