U.S.A. - BROOKINGS-SOUTH DAKOTA - Illustrations from Star Boy - Paul Goble

Goble was born in England in 1933 and realized his love for Native American culture as a child. He moved to the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1977 where he drew inspiration from the stories and traditions of the Plains Indians. His books retell ancient cultural stories and his accompanying illustrations depict vivid, colorful scenes with accurate images. Goble has written over twenty books that have won praise from the American Library Association, the National Council of Social Studies, the International Reading Association and the Children's Book Council amongst others. Goble's artwork resides in several museums and institutions, including the Library of Congress though his entire collection of original illustrations was gifted to the South Dakota Art Museum in 1977.

South Dakota Art Museum    04.05.2011 - 06.11.2011

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U.S.A. - COOPERSTOWN-NEW YORK - Frida Kahlo: Through the Lens of Nickolas Muray

Nickolas Muray, 1892-1965 
American (b. Hungary) Frida on White Bench, New York 1939, Carbon process print

Photographer Nickolas Muray (1892-1965) came to America in 1913 from Hungary. During Muray’s forty-five year career as a New York photographer, he developed a growing reputation that began during the decade of the Twenties when he photographed everybody who was anybody. At the time of his death, most Americans had seen, at one time or another, Muray’s portraits of celebrities, Presidents, or advertisements.

Between 1920 and 1940, Nickolas Muray made over 10,000 portraits. He began photographing Frida Kahlo in color in the winter of 1938-1939, while Kahlo adjourned in New York, attending her exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery; and he continued to do so until 1948. Muray photographed Frida more often than any other single person.

Muray and Kahlo were at the height of an on-again, off-again ten-year love affair when he began photographing her using the Carbro technique.

Carbro prints of Muray’s portraits of Frida Kahlo are in the permanent collection of the Frida Kahlo Museum, The George Eastman House, The National Portrait Gallery/ Smithsonian, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This exhibition is part of a national tour over a two and a half year period containing forty-six photographic prints reproduced from the original negatives. The tour was developed and managed by Smith Kramer Fine Art Services, an exhibition tour development company in Kansas City, Missouri.

Fenimore Art Museum   01.04.2011 - 05.09.2011

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U.S.A. - CHICAGO-ILLINOIS - Eiko & Koma: Time is Not Even, Space is Not Empty

Influential and venerated Japanese-born choreographers and dance artists Eiko & Koma have been making collaborative works for more than 40 years.

Their stark, elemental works use precision and stillness to create slowly evolving images that have placed their bodies in landscapes, rivers, and graveyards.

This exhibition is part of an ongoing three-year retrospective created by Eiko & Koma in creative collaboration with various organizations, including the MCA. The exhibition features photographic and video documentation of their past performance works, set and prop pieces, and a large-scale installation of the work, Naked, featuring a massive nest that will be inhabited by the artists several times throughout the run of the exhibition.

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago     24.06.2011 - 13.11.2011

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U.S.A. - BOSTON-MASSACHUSETTS - The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl

The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl, organized by the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, is the first museum exhibition to explore the culture of vinyl records within the history of contemporary art. Bringing together artists from around the world who have worked with records as their subject or medium, this groundbreaking exhibition examines the record's transformative power from the 1960s to the present.

Through sculpture, installation, drawing, painting, photography, sound work, video and performance, The Record combines contemporary art with outsider art, audio with visual, and fine art with popular culture.

The exhibition features 99 works by 41 artists, including rising stars in the contemporary art world (William Cordova, Robin Rhode, Dario Robleto), outsider artists (Mingering Mike), well-established artists (Jasper Johns, Ed Ruscha, Carrie Mae Weems) and artists whose work will be shown in a U.S. museum for the first time (Kevin Ei-ichi deForest, Jeroen Diepenmaat, Taiyo Kimura, Lyota Yagi).

The Record includes a broad range of works, such as a hybrid violin and record player, Viophonograph, a seminal work by Laurie Anderson; David Byrne's original life-sized Polaroid photomontage used for the cover of the 1978 Talking Heads album More Songs About Buildings and Food; a monumental column of vinyl records by Cordova; and an important early work by Robleto, who transformed Billie Holiday records in an alchemic process to create hand-painted buttons. Works by Christian Marclay, who has made art with records for 30 years, include his early and rarely seen Recycled Records as well as his most recent record video, Looking for Love.

Two of the works on view at the ICA were commissioned specifically for the exhibition by The Nasher Museum. Berlin-based artist Satch Hoyt created a 16-foot canoe made of red 45-rpm records with an original soundscape during a 2009 artist residency at Duke. New York artist Xaviera Simmons created photographs of the North Carolina landscape and solicited musical responses from musicians such as Mac McCaughan of Superchunk, Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio and Jim James of My Morning Jacket. The original songs will be pressed onto a 12-inch record and played with her installation.

ICA Boston    15.04.2011 - 05.09.2011

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