U.S.A. - CHICAGO-ILLINOIS - Eiko & Koma: Time is Not Even, Space is Not Empty

Influential and venerated Japanese-born choreographers and dance artists Eiko & Koma have been making collaborative works for more than 40 years.

Their stark, elemental works use precision and stillness to create slowly evolving images that have placed their bodies in landscapes, rivers, and graveyards.

This exhibition is part of an ongoing three-year retrospective created by Eiko & Koma in creative collaboration with various organizations, including the MCA. The exhibition features photographic and video documentation of their past performance works, set and prop pieces, and a large-scale installation of the work, Naked, featuring a massive nest that will be inhabited by the artists several times throughout the run of the exhibition.

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago     24.06.2011 - 13.11.2011

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