U.S.A. - ALFRED-NEW YORK - Val M. Cushing - 24.04.2014-08.08.2014


Val Cushing, covered jar,
Column Series, circa 1986,
stoneware, h: 16-1/4”,
Gift of the artist,
S-JIMCA 1991.152

Val Cushing (1931-2013) is a pottery legend. Born in Rochester, New York Val received his bachelor and masters of fine arts degrees from the School of Art and Design, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. He joined the Alfred faculty in 1957 and retired in 1997. Val maintained a studio in Alfred Station and gave workshops and lectures throughout the world. Selected public collections of Val’s work are at the Brooklyn Museum, NY; Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Museum, National Design Museum, NY; Detroit Institute of Art, Detroit, MI; Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY; Museum of Art and Design, NY; Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC; and Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY. Selected awards include individual NEA award, Fellow of the American Crafts Council, Fulbright Award, and Fellow of the National Council on Education in Ceramic Arts.

This exhibition was organized by Susan Kowalczyk, the museum’s collection manager from pieces in the permanent collection and on loan from the family. Beauty and function are themes in his work.

I aspire to make beautiful pottery - some to be used and some to function visually, as sculpture. I look for ideas in a variety of places, but nature is my primary source. It is in nature that I find the rich colors, the dynamic textures and the harmonious forms I love to make. Val M. Cushing

The Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art      24.04.2014 -08.08.2014

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U.S.A. - AMHERST-MASSACHUSETTS - Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile and Friends: The Art of Bernard Waber - 18.03.2014-08.06.2014


Bernard Waber, who died in May of 2013 at the age of ninety-one, was a born storyteller and nimble, elegant draughtsman with mischief to spare. In the more than two dozen picture books he created between 1961 and 2010, Waber reveled in life’s little surprises while quietly insisting on the importance of friendship and family. A crocodile for a house guest? A lion named Shirley Williamson? Why not! — Waber blithely declares in these droll, worldly-wise entertainments. Our exhibition features 85 original illustrations from the lion’s share of Waber’s classic picture books as well as a sampling of his work as a designer at Time Inc. and Condé Nast.

The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art     18.03.2014 -08.06.2014

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U.S.A. - ALBUQUERQUE-NEW MEXICO - 400 Years of Remembering and Forgetting: The Graphic Art of Floyd Solomon - 08.02.2014-17.05.2014


400 Years of Remembering and Forgetting focuses on the work of Floyd Solomon (1952-2008), an artist of Laguna and Zuni heritage.  Growing up at Laguna Pueblo, Solomon listened to his community’s history as told by elders; these stories filled his life and ultimately his art. Among these stories were those concerning the dark events that came with the arrival of the Spanish in the late sixteenth century.

Solomon undertook a visual recounting of Pueblo history from his own knowledge of the past, an indigenous way of knowing positioned to re-imagine history that is largely based on non-Native records.  This was a personal understanding that grew deeper and more comprehensive through his art.  He effectively moved beyond the stereotypical accounts of the early confrontations with the Spanish, instead providing a more complete record of the destructive days from initial Spanish contact. His series of twenty etchings exploring the arrival of the Spanish, the effects this monumental event had on Pueblo people, and subsequent reactions, was initially titled Crucifixion of a Culture.

UNM Art Museum       08.02.2014 -17.05.2014

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U.S.A. - AKRON-OHIO - Tony Feher - 12.04.2014-17.08.2014


The Akron Art Museum is delighted to present the first comprehensive, in-depth exploration of the career of American sculptor Tony Feher. Covering 25 years of Feher’s art, the exhibition will feature the range of everyday materials Feher employs, from bottles filled with colored water to marbles and pennies, Styrofoam blocks, soft drink crates, plastic bags, paper cups and various packing materials. Although Feher's materials can be seen as banal—even throwaway—they are chosen specifically for their distinct visual and structural qualities as well as for their connection to people. Feher stacks, arranges, dangles and aligns his materials to form fluid lines, thoughtful rhythms and bursts of color and light. His art enables us to observe and appreciate the beauty and poetry in the ordinary objects that surround us or simply look at things anew.

Akron Art Museum  12.04.2014 - 17.08.2014

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