U.S.A. - ALBUQUERQUE-NEW MEXICO - 400 Years of Remembering and Forgetting: The Graphic Art of Floyd Solomon - 08.02.2014-17.05.2014


400 Years of Remembering and Forgetting focuses on the work of Floyd Solomon (1952-2008), an artist of Laguna and Zuni heritage.  Growing up at Laguna Pueblo, Solomon listened to his community’s history as told by elders; these stories filled his life and ultimately his art. Among these stories were those concerning the dark events that came with the arrival of the Spanish in the late sixteenth century.

Solomon undertook a visual recounting of Pueblo history from his own knowledge of the past, an indigenous way of knowing positioned to re-imagine history that is largely based on non-Native records.  This was a personal understanding that grew deeper and more comprehensive through his art.  He effectively moved beyond the stereotypical accounts of the early confrontations with the Spanish, instead providing a more complete record of the destructive days from initial Spanish contact. His series of twenty etchings exploring the arrival of the Spanish, the effects this monumental event had on Pueblo people, and subsequent reactions, was initially titled Crucifixion of a Culture.

UNM Art Museum       08.02.2014 -17.05.2014

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