U.S.A. - Jersey City-New Jersey - New Look, Same Great Taste ! Ten Years of Collecting 2000-2010

Jersey City Museum presents a long-awaited exhibition of new and recent acquisitions. Since moving into its new space in 2000, Jersey City Museum has continued to fulfill its mission by collecting works by significant American artists. Beginning with a very generous gift from collectors Allwyn and Ellen Levine in 2001, the museum has acquired a number of significant works of art over the past ten years, a selection of which will be displayed throughout the year. This exhibition presents a host of new works that have recently come into the collection and will highlight the strengths of the museum's holdings, particularly in terms of its works on paper. In addition to paper, paintings and small sculptures will also be included in the exhibition. Among some of the artists represented are Leonard Baskin, Richard Bosman, Enrique Chagoya, Richard Florsheim, Sam Gilliam, Alex Katz, Janelle Lynch, Sue Miller, Ed Paschke, Jaune Quick-to-See-Smith, John Ross, Clare Romano, Larry Rivers, Andres Serrano, and Mark Tobey.

Jersey City Museum 17.09.2009 - 22.08.2010

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U.S.A. - Jackson-Mississipi - Jim Henson's fantastic world

Without “fences” to limit where his imagination could roam, Leland, Mississippi-native Jim Henson (1936-1990) - artist, puppeteer, film director and producer - created elaborate imaginary worlds filled with unique characters, objects, environments and even languages and cultures. The early years he spent in the Mississippi Delta offered Henson the creative atmosphere from which many of his world-famous characters sprang. Henson spent many formative afternoons exploring Deer Creek around Leland and was inspired by the amphibians and the surrounding swamp. Henson’s work is now enjoyed in dozens of languages in more than 100 countries.
Jim Henson’s Fantastic World, a new exhibition from the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES) and The Jim Henson Legacy, offers a rare peek into the imagination and creative genius of this multitalented innovator and creator of Kermit the Frog, Big Bird and other beloved characters.
The exhibition features 100 original artworks, including drawings, cartoons and storyboards that illustrate Henson’s talent as a storyteller and visionary. Among the variety of exhibition objects are puppets and television and movie props, photographs of Henson and his collaborators at work and original video productions, including excerpts from Henson’s early career and experimental films.
From the very beginning, Henson expressed his ideas with incredible bursts of invention, through a variety of visual forms, clever dialogue, songs, comic bits and animation. All of his work reveals a highly sophisticated and nuanced thought process, evident in the decades-long metamorphosis of a small group of captivating characters from simple doodles to cartoons to puppets to films. What began as a one-man enterprise eventually grew into an international phenomenon. As time passed, the simple hand puppets Henson created for his first television show, “Sam and Friends,” evolved into increasingly more sophisticated characters - from the Muppets of “The Muppet Show,” “Sesame Street” and “Fraggle Rock” fame to the larger-than-life fantasy creatures of “The Dark Crystal” and “Labyrinth.”
Jim Henson’s Fantastic World is organized by The Jim Henson Legacy and SITES, in cooperation with the Henson Family; The Jim Henson Company; The Muppets Studio, LLC; and Sesame Workshop. The exhibition is made possible by The Biography Channel. Additional support has been provided by The Jane Henson Foundation and Cheryl Henson.Established in 1992, The Jim Henson Legacy was founded by Jane Henson, colleagues and friends in response to the extraordinary interest in the life and prolific body of work by Jim Henson. The non-profit 501(C3) organization is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating Jim Henson’s contributions to the worlds of puppetry, television and motion pictures, special effects and media technology. By making Jim Henson’s creative work available to the public through presentations and exhibits, the Legacy’s mission is to share the power of his art, his imagination and his positive view of life with generations to come. Please visit our website: http://www.jimhensonlegacy.org/.
SITES has been sharing the wealth of Smithsonian collections and research programs with millions of people outside Washington, D.C., for more than 50 years. SITES connects Americans to their shared cultural heritage through a wide range of exhibitions about art, science and history, which are shown wherever people live, work and play. For more information, including exhibition descriptions and tour schedules, visit http://www.sites.si.edu/.
This exhibition is sponsored locally by Donna and Jim Barksdale, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, WGBH, The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau, Mississippi Development Authority, JBHM Education Group, The Community Foundation of Greater Jackson, The Mississippi Arts Commission, BancorpSouth, Sanderson Farms, Atmos Entergy, Planters Bank, Mitchell Distributing Company, Delta Council, McDonald's and Regions Bank.

Mississipi Museum of Art 19.12.2009 - 14.03.2010

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U.S.A. - Indianapolis-Indiana - Paired Photographs

While photographers have been chronicling the visible world for 159 years, their varying approaches to similar subjects underscore the creativity and flexibility of the medium of photography. This notion manifests itself by the pairing of twenty sets of European and American photographs selected from the permanent collection. The themes of architecture, landscape, portraiture, the figure, war, protest, abstraction and the passing crowd are explored through the pairings of Carleton Watkins and Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Harry Callahan, Peter Henry Emerson and Lois Conner, Lewis Hine and Lisette Model, Walker Evans and Berenice Abbott, Alfred Stieglitz and W. Eugene Smith, and Minor White and Dorothea Lange.

Indianapolis Museum of Art 18.07.2009 - 21.03.2010

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U.S.A. - Durham-North Carolina - Big Shots : Andy Warhol Polaroids

"Big Shots: Andy Warhol Polaroids" provides insight into the artist who sought to capture the world like a camera. The exhibition includes about 250 Polaroids and 70 silver gelatin black-and-white prints taken by Warhol from 1970 to 1987, many of them on public view for the first time.
"Big Shots: Andy Warhol Polaroids" reveals an important dimension of Warhol's process in creating his famous large-scale portraits. Although his Polaroids served as aids for painting portraits, in and of themselves they are significant works and represent a relatively unknown body of Warhol's work. At the Nasher Museum, the exhibition includes his portraits of Patsy, Andrea, Joan and Nancy Nasher, accompanied by the original Polaroid studies. A selection of Warhol films from the 1960s will also be part of the exhibition, to help provide greater context for the photographic work.
"Big Shots: Andy Warhol Polaroids" is organized by the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University; the Ackland Art Museum, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and the Weatherspoon Art Museum, University of North Carolina at Greensboro. All three institutions received gifts of about 100 original Polaroid photographs and 50 gelatin silver black-and-white prints in 2008 from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts in celebration of the foundation's 20th anniversary.

Nasher Museum of Art 12.11.2009 - 21.02.2010


U.S.A. - Birmingham-Alabama - Life, Libery, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: American Art from the Yale University Art Gallery offers an unprecedented opportunity to experience American history through more than 230 masterpieces from one of the finest and oldest collections of American art in the world. From the arrival of the first European settlers to the Gilded Age, this major exhibition tells America’s story through paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, furniture, silver, and ceramics from Yale University’s renowned collection.
At the heart of the exhibition is a group of early American portraits and history paintings by John Trumbull, including the original version of the iconic
The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776, which has graced the pages of nearly every American history textbook and the $2 bill. This is the first time these paintings have traveled as a group since the artist presented them to Yale in 1832.
Among the exhibition's painted treasures are two versions of Edward Hicks's "Peaceable Kingdom;" rare portraits by John Singleton Copley, Charles Willson Peale, and Thomas Eakins; stunning landscapes by
Albert Bierstadt and Frederic Edwin Church; and captivating scenes of American life by Winslow Homer, Frederic Remington, and many others. Decorative arts highlights include silver crafted by Paul Revere, the earliest pair of American silver candlesticks, a gold sword owned by 19th-century naval hero Stephen Decatur, and flamboyant silver objects made by Tiffany & Company. Superb examples of 18th- and 19th-century furniture add to this rich survey of the history of American artistry and craftsmanship.
These treasures will never again travel as a group. Do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to celebrate our nation’s heritage through 250 years of American masterpieces.
This exhibition was organized by the Yale University Art Gallery and is supported by an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and Humanities.

Birmingham Museum of Art through januari 10, 2010

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