U.S.A. - Jersey City-New Jersey - New Look, Same Great Taste ! Ten Years of Collecting 2000-2010

Jersey City Museum presents a long-awaited exhibition of new and recent acquisitions. Since moving into its new space in 2000, Jersey City Museum has continued to fulfill its mission by collecting works by significant American artists. Beginning with a very generous gift from collectors Allwyn and Ellen Levine in 2001, the museum has acquired a number of significant works of art over the past ten years, a selection of which will be displayed throughout the year. This exhibition presents a host of new works that have recently come into the collection and will highlight the strengths of the museum's holdings, particularly in terms of its works on paper. In addition to paper, paintings and small sculptures will also be included in the exhibition. Among some of the artists represented are Leonard Baskin, Richard Bosman, Enrique Chagoya, Richard Florsheim, Sam Gilliam, Alex Katz, Janelle Lynch, Sue Miller, Ed Paschke, Jaune Quick-to-See-Smith, John Ross, Clare Romano, Larry Rivers, Andres Serrano, and Mark Tobey.

Jersey City Museum 17.09.2009 - 22.08.2010

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