2130 - U.S.A. - COLUMBIA-SOUTH CAROLINA - Charles Courtney Curran: Seeking the Ideal - 20.02.2015-17.05.2015


Lotus Lilies

Seeking the Ideal is the first-ever museum retrospective of this American Impressionist painter, bringing together 58 Curran masterpieces sure to astonish with their jewel-like color, immense space, and love for beauty. Charles Curran's heart was claimed by women, children, and flowers, and he devoted a lifetime to painting them in the full light of day out of doors. Curran's career blossomed in the 1880s when French Impressionism had changed the art world. Working in the beautiful Hudson River Valley, Curran became a much-respected leader of the art colony there in the early decades of the 20th century. These are wistful images, each one full of optimism and grace. He looked for what was ideal in American life and made it even more so.

Columbia Museum of Art - Charles Courtney Curran: Seeking the Ideal - 20.02.2015 - 17.05.2015

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