U.S.A. - BALTIMORE-MARYLAND - Embroidered Treasures: Textiles from Central Asia

Detail, Borpush or Nimsuzani. Uzbekistan. Early 20th century. The Baltimore Museum of Art: Gift of Jerry Maizlish, Sparks, Maryland, BMA 1991.446

Approximately 19 bold, colorful embroidered textiles from Central Asia are being presented for the first time at the BMA. These stunning late 19th- to early 20th-century textiles include wall hangings, covers, a wedding canopy, and saddle cover made in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. They represent both city cultures and those of formerly nomadic peoples such as the Lakai. Primarily made of cotton with multicolored silk thread embroidery by young women and their female relatives, many of these textiles were used as part of their dowries and family treasures that were reluctantly parted with during periods of political and economic hardship.

Baltimore Museum of Art    13.11.2011 - 08.07.2012

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