U.S.A. - HOUSTON-TEXAS - Dutch and Flemish Masterworks from the Rose-Marie and Eijk van Otterloo Collection


Jan Davidsz. de Heem, Glass Vase with Flowers on a Stone Ledge,

 1655–60, oil on panel, the Rose-Marie and Eijk van Otterloo Collection.

One of the world's most spectacular private collections of 17th-century Dutch and Flemish paintings—including masterworks by Rembrandt, Gerrit Dou, Frans Hals, Willem (Claesz.) Heda, Jacob van Ruisdael, and Jan Steen—concludes a national tour at the MFAH. Dutch and Flemish Masterworks from the Rose-Marie and Eijk van Otterloo Collection presents more than 60 paintings that are exceptional for their quality, condition, and historical interest. As exemplars of the Dutch Golden Age, the works are distinguished not only for the glowing quality of light achieved by many of the most talented artists of the time, but also for playing a key role in an unsurpassed period of artistic, cultural, scientific, and commercial accomplishment in the Netherlands.

For quality and quantity of painting in the 17th century, no other nation matched the Netherlands. The Van Otterloo collection contains exquisite works by the leading artists of the age in every genre: portraits, still lifes, history paintings, biblical scenes, architectural interiors, city views, landscapes, and seascapes.

Originally from Belgium and the Netherlands, respectively, Rose-Marie and Eijk van Otterloo met and married in the United States, where they developed deep ties with New England. The couple enjoys living with their collection, but they are also dedicated to sharing it with others, generously lending to institutions around the globe.

Museum of Fine Arts Houston          13.11.2011 - 12.02.2012

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