U.S.A. - CHARLESTON-SOUTH CAROLINA - Breaking Down Barriers - 300 Years of Women in Art


Henriette Charlotte Chastaigner (Mrs. Nathaniel Broughton), 1711, by Henrietta de Beaulieu Dering Johnston (ca. 1674 - 1729), pastel on paper, gift of Victor A. Morawetz

Beginning with Henrietta Johnston, the first female professional artist in America, and continuing to the present, Breaking down Barriers examines the challenges faced by women artists over the past 300 years.

Drawn from the museum’s permanent collection, the exhibition highlights a number of extraordinary women working in a variety of media and artistic styles.

This exhibition is sponsored by BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, The Gibbes Women’s Council, and Where Magazine.

Gibbs Museum of Art      28.10.2011 - 08.01.2012

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