U.S.A. - SEATTLE-WASHINGTON - James Ensor and Georg Baselitz: Graphic Works

European artists James Ensor and Georg Baselitz worked during very different time periods, came from very different places and never knew each other. Their shared interests in the grotesque, political agitation, the suffering of war and the figure, however, bind them in unexpected ways.
Bringing together more than 50 prints from private collections, this installation pits late 19th-century Belgian artist James Ensor and contemporary German artist Georg Baselitz in an unlikely and provocative dialogue that provides a unique insight into the work of both artists. At the same time, the exhibition highlights the artists’ great skills in etching and other printmaking techniques and demonstrates the strong relevance their work sustains in our present moment in history.

Seattle Art Museum 10.04.2010 - 24.10.2010

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