U.S.A. - Des Moines-Iowa - Return to Function

Return to Function brings together an international group of contemporary artists whose work blurs the line between art and the everyday object. As the title of the show implies, each piece in this exhibition has a function, from a cellular phone that doubles as an exercise machine to a do-it-yourself coffin. These works look like items we buy and use on a daily basis, but contain a rich commentary on the relationship between ourselves and our possessions, exposing issues surrounding global economics, environmental concerns, and the pervasive nature of advertising. The artists included offer innovative solutions to old tasks, and suggest that objects can play a central role in improving our lives.
Return to Function is curated by Jane Simon of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Wisconsin, and is accompanied by a catalogue with essays by Ami Barak, Martha Schwendener, and Jane Simon. The exhibition is organized for the Des Moines Art Center by Laura Burkhalter, associate curator.

Des Moines Art Center - 02.10.2009 - 10.01.2010

Website : City of Des Moines

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