U.S.A. - Amarillo-Texas - Chuck Olson

The Amarillo Museum of Art presents a show of remarkable paintings by contemporary artist Chuck Olson.
Chuck Olson: Visual Histories introduces the artist’s large canvases to audiences of the Texas Panhandle, eastern New Mexico and western Oklahoma. In the words of John Caldwell, the late curator of painting and sculpture at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Unlike his predecessors, Olson has no need of the sharp juxtapositions and harsh implications of surrealist dream imagery to stake out the incongruities of the imaginary. Instead he takes this territory, so hard-won in the art of the 1930s, as a given and makes it his natural home. Olson’s dreams are a little like Claes Oldenburg’s, but he refuses to engage in ironic discussions with the real world around him and concerns himself instead with the possibilities of exotic landscapes and perhaps of history. More than that, however, his work is about the possibilities of paint itself and the elegant and seductive play of a painter’s hand and eye.

Amarillo Museum of Art - 28.08.2009 - 25.10.2009

Website : Amarillo Museum of Art

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