U.S.A. - Louisville-Kentucky - City/County : Photographs from the Henry V.Heuser, Jr. Collection

Garry Winogrand 1928-1984 - Histrionics on Bench from the series Woman are Beautiful 1975 - Gelatin siver print

Since his youth, Louisville businessman and philanthropist Henry V. Heuser, Jr. has loved art and has evolved into an ardent collector.
Beginning in the 1970’s, Heuser became especially interested in the work of contemporary American photographers and through the years has built a collection containing hundreds of photographic works.
This celebration of Heuser’s achievement as a collector and museum supporter, will feature work by some of the country’s most important photographers, including Harry Callahan, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Ray Metzker, Aaron Siskind, and Garry Winogrand.

The Speed Art Museum - 07.06.2009 - 13.09.2009